Find Your Crew!

It takes hundreds of volunteers to make weekend services happen at Crosspoint. Through our amazing Crosspoint Crew we are able to warmly welcome and provide our guests with the best experience possible. Our mission is to foster a positive environment where our guests can grow in their relationship with Jesus. We have a variety of opportunities for you to serve and join us in our mission. Find out how you can get involved and serve others in a fun and meaningful way.


Is there a minimum age to join a crew?
We have crew opportunities for children starting 6th grade and up.
Where do my children go while I serve?
We have created an additional class for our elementary and Club46 children who have parents that serve. They would then attend two different classes on the day you serve. Our "Double Dippers" class and one of our regular Sunday morning classes. For babies and preschoolers, they are welcome to stay in their class for two services. 
What if I live here seasonally or can only serve part of the year?
You can serve as much or as little as you are available. We are just happy to have you be a part of our team!
Do I have to serve every Sunday?
You will be able to communicate with one of our leaders how often you would like to serve. Each month you will be able to log into your MyCrosspoint account to block out vacation dates or times you are unable to serve. 
How do I attend a service and serve?
The great part about having more than one service here at Crosspoint is that you can attend one service and serve one (or more!) services. 
Do I need to attend training?
There are a few positions that may require training and/or background checks. The leader will walk you through any training or special requirements. 
I can't serve on Sundays, but I am available to help during the week.
That's great too! Our weekday crews serve us in many ways. Let us know when you're available!
Can I serve at the same time as my family?
Yes! In our scheduling program we connect your families together and can make sure you are scheduled at the same time.